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Cosmetic testing process in Cosmetic Testing Lab (from start to finish)

August 9, 2021

The whole process or ordering a cosmetic product test, paying for it, sending product samples to the lab, and receiving the testing results from CTL is as easy as it can be.

As a first step, you need to order the correct product test. Of course, only you know what exactly you need, but we are also here to help. At each of the tests that we offer, we prepared a description of the test, a list of conditions based on which you can determine if your product requires that test or not, a list of some countries that we know of, where having such a test made is mandatory as per the local cosmetics regulation, a description of how the test is carried out and how long it takes to perform it. Where multiple versions of a test are available, we prepared a description of what each test version includes. In case if you’re still unsure if you need a certain test or not, our chatbot can come to the rescue. After answering a few questions about your product, the chatbot will let you know which tests should be undertaken.

When you’ve decided which tests you need, click on the chosen tests and put them into the shopping cart. Fill in the name (and in certain cases the volume) of the product. Based on that, the number of samples that needs to be prepared will be provided.

At the next step, go to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. A full overview of your order is provided, including the ordered tests, the version of the test chosen, product names provided, the duration of each of the tests and info about how many samples you need to prepare. If everything looks fine, you can fill in the billing and shipping details. Make sure you put in the details of the pickup location and date correctly. Next, fill in your credit card details and make the payment for the tests ordered. An invoice for the order will be sent automatically via email.

CTL will receive an email with your order details and we will organize a pickup of your product samples at the provided address and at the selected date. A DHL courier will be in touch with you to organize the last details of the pickup.

When our lab will receive your product samples, you’ll be notified about it, and an exact date of when you can expect the testing results will be sent to you via email. Our lab will perform the ordered tests and you will receive the testing results in a pdf via email once the tests are conducted.

Contact us and let us help you.


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