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With more than 10+ years of experience in the field, we provide a transparent service and a completely stress-free process.

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Searching for the right Cosmetic Safety Assessor, writing pricing inquiries and going through the complex safety assessment process can be daunting. After helping customers from more than 38 countries and with more than 10 years of experience in cosmetic regulation and testing we decided to simplify the process and establish an e-shop for CPSRs and cosmetic tests that prioritizes a high quality service, transparent pricing and a stress-free process.

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What is CPSR?
Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is certainly the most important part of the product information file (PIF), as it contains the information about the product itself and determines its safety. It’s divided into two parts: part A – cosmetic product safety information, and part B – cosmetic product safety assessment.

Part A contains the product formula (its qualitative and quantitative composition) and the specifications of the raw materials, the finished product and its packaging; this information will have to be provided by you.

Part B covers the assessment of all of these specifications and tests which, along with additional calculations, determine whether the product is safe and in conformity with the regulations or not. It also provides the reasoning that led to such a conclusion, it may list any precautions for use that have to appear on the label, and it includes the assessor’s credentials and their approval.

Who needs a CPSR?

Having a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is a mandatory requirement for any cosmetic product placed on the EU and the UK market, as well as on certain other markets that are subject to a very similar cosmetics legislation to that used in the EU (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009) and the UK (UK Schedule 34 to the Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019), such as Israel, the Gulf countries, ASEAN countries etc.

Who can do a CPSR?

It should be pointed out that not just anyone can perform the cosmetic product safety assessment. This person should of course be familiar with the Cosmetics Regulation, but the Regulation also imposes some additional requirements. It requires that the safety assessment be carried out by a person in possession of a diploma or other evidence of formal qualifications awarded on completion of a university course of theoretical and practical study in pharmacy, toxicology, medicine or a similar discipline, or a course recognized as equivalent by a Member State (or the Secretary of State in case of the UK).

What do I need to order a CPSR?

The first step in ordering a CPSR is filling in a Product Form. It contains all the necessary info required for us to prepare the CPSR, including:

  • the details about the company/person ordering the test
  • general product information (ex. product name, category, form, packaging,…)
  • product formula 
  • product’s chemical, physical and microbiological specification as well as the stability test and challenge test (if relevant for the product type)
  • product artwork and label

Once you complete the Product Form, you can proceed to payment after which we’ll start the safety assessment of your cosmetic product. 

If you have any questions about the Product Form, go to the Contact section and send us a message.

What if I don’t have the mandatory tests?

Depending on your product, you may need certain cosmetic tests to order a CPSR. For all cosmetic products the product’s chemical, physical and microbiological specifications (a few exceptions for microbiological specifications exist) are required as well as the stability and compatibility test. 

Challenge test  is required for most of the products, with the following exceptions:

  • Products that don’t contain water/have low water activity
  • Products with a pH below 3 or above 10
  • Products containing more than 20% alcohol
  • Products containing raw materials that can create a hostile environment (strong oxidizing agents, polar organic solvents, oxidizing dyes, aluminium chlorohydrate and related salts, propellant gasses etc.)
  • Products that are filled in containers at more than 65 degrees Celsius
  • Products packaged in pressurized containers, pump dispensers or single-dose units

If you don’t have the mandatory tests, don’t worry – we specialize in cosmetic testing, so we can take care of that too. You can order the needed tests during the process of ordering a CPSR – just select this option in the Product Form. After you finish the payment, we will inform you of the following steps for the testing procedure.

How long will a CPSR take?

As soon as the safety assessor reviews the provided documentation, she will ask for any additional data, if needed. If no additional data is necessary, you can expect to receive a CPSR via email within three days from submitting the required documentation.

What is the price for CPSR?

Price of the CPSR depends on the number of product ingredients:

1-9 ingredients – 150€
10-29 ingredients – 300€
30+ ingredients – 400€

Our safety assessor:

CPSRs are compiled by Tanja Židan, MPharm, who has worked as a cosmetic safety assessor, regulatory consultant and head of laboratory since 2013.

Tanja has completed the training on safety assessment of cosmetics in the EU, the intensive course in dermato-cosmetic sciences at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists course in the UK.

She also participated as a speaker at numerous events on cosmetics regulation, such as the ProDerm Academy and CCE/RWTH International Academy Safety Assessment Training Course. Since her degree is officially recognized as equivalent in the UK by UK NARIC, she can also prepare CPSRs for the UK market.

Prices for CPSR:

1-9 ingredients – 150€

10-29 ingredients – 300€

30+ ingredients – 400€

Assessement procedure:


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The safety assessor will review the documentation supplied and ask for any additional data if needed. If no additional data is necessary, you can expect to receive a CPSR via email within three days from submitting the required documentation.

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