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Why should I order tests at Cosmetic Testing Lab?
Cosmetic Testing Lab provides a number of advantages over the traditional lab testing providers. Firstly, all of our prices are transparent, they can be seen on the website, so you don’t have to send enquires to find out how much various test would cost. Secondly, you don’t need to pay extra to send your samples to the lab, because Cosmetic Testing Lab arranges and pays for the pickup of the samples. Thirdly, once we receive your samples, you’ll be informed when the testing will start and when you’ll receive the testing results.
How does ordering of tests work?

Cosmetic Testing Lab is an online shop for cosmetic testing services. First you need to visit the relevant sub-page of the test that you want to order, select the required version of the test, fill in the product name and size, put it into the cart, fill in some company details, and pay using a credit card. At the selected date we organize a pickup of the samples and perform the tests that you’ve ordered.

The process for CPSRs and SDSs is similar, but for those we don’t require any product samples.

How can I pay for the tests that I order?

We accept only credit card payments. Payments need to be made in advance, when the order is made.

How much do tests cost?

All of the prices for the various tests that we offer are written on the respective sub-pages of the individual tests.

Which services do you offer?

We offer testing services: stability and compatibility test, microbiological specifications test, patch test and challenge test.

We also offer services that aren’t tests: CPSR (safety assessment) and SDS (safety data sheet) preparation.

What is the difference between accelerated and real time stability test?

Accelerated stability tests is conducted under accelerated conditions (elevated temperatures – normally 40 to 45 degrees Celsius) and therefore only takes 3 months. Most companies decide to conduct the accelerated stability test.

Real time stability test is conducted at room temperature and it can take as long as your claimed shelf life – from 12 to 36 months.

Both tests are conducted in order to determine the shelf life of the cosmetic product. Both tests also require samples to be sent in the final packaging, in which the product is going to be placed on the market, so that compatibility between the product and its packaging is also determined.

What are the differences between various challenge test protocols?

Challenge tests protocols that we offer are very similar. They just differ in how many checks are made during the challenge test and at which days they are conducted, and in whether E coli is also included in the test or not. We recommend choosing the ISO 11930:2019 standard, as this is an internationally recognized standard.

Do you perform CPSRs?

We also offer cosmetic product safety report (CPSR) preparation. CPSR is not a test, but you will need to provide some test results, as well as other information about the product. You can find out more about the necessary documents on the CPSR page.

How much do CPSRs cost?

The CPSR cost depends in the number of ingredients in your product. For 1-9 ingredients the price is 150€, for 10-29 ingredients the price is 300€, while for 30+ ingredients the price is 400€.

Which documents and tests do I need for the CPSR?

The first step in ordering a CPSR is filling in a Product Form. It contains all the necessary info required for us to prepare the CPSR, including:

  • the details about the company/person ordering the test

  • general product information (for example product name, category, form, packaging,…)

  • quantitative and qualitative composition of the product – product formula

  • chemical, physical and microbiological specification of the finished product

  • stability and compatibility test

  • challenge test or preservative efficacy test (if relevant for the product type)

  • product artwork and label

What is a patch test?

The purpose of performing patch tests for cosmetic products is to determine whether cosmetic products cause irritation on people’s skin. Patch test, therefore, helps to assess the irritation potential of cosmetic products.

If the patch test is conducted under the supervision of a dermatologist, that also enables you to claim “dermatologically tested” for your products. Cosmetic Testing Lab conducts patch test under the supervision of a dermatologist.

What is the SDS?

Safety Data Sheet (SDS), formerly known as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document which provides detailed information about a substance or mixture related to health effects of exposure to the product, hazard evaluation related to the product’s handling, storage or use, the measure to protect workers who are at risk of exposure, and emergency procedures. SDS is therefore an important piece of document used primarily for the communication of hazards related to the substances or mixtures.

Which tests do I need if I want to sell in the EU/UK?

For selling in the EU and the UK you need: microbiological specifications test (there are some exceptions), stability and compatibility test, and challenge test (also here there are some exceptions). You will also need a CPSR.

How long do tests take to be performed?

Each test has a different timeline, in general though the following timelines apply:

  • Stability and compatibility test: 3 months (accelerated)
  • Microbiological specifications test: 3 days
  • Challenge test: 4 weeks
  • Patch test: 10 days
Where do I need to send the samples?

Sample pickup is organized by the Cosmetic Testing Lab, so you only need to prepare them, and Cosmetic Testing Lab will organize a pickup of the samples at the selected date.

How will I know that you received my samples?

Once we receive the product samples we send you an email indicating when the testing will start and when you can expect to receive the results for each individual test.

How will I receive the testing results?

Testing results will be sent via email.

Where is Cosmetic Testing Lab based?
Cosmetic Testing Lab is based in Slovenia.
Do you offer services for companies in my country?

We can offer our services to companies from anywhere in the world, as long as DHL (our courier partner) operates there.

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