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Patch Test

Determine the skin irritation potential of your product.

Patch Test



The purpose of performing patch tests for cosmetic products is to determine whether cosmetic products cause irritation on people’s skin. Patch test, therefore, helps to assess the irritation potential of cosmetic products.

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Which products do or don’t require it?

It is advisable to perform a patch test on all cosmetic products.

Which legislations require it?

A patch test is usually not requested by the cosmetics legislation, but it is advisable to perform it in most countries.

Testing procedure

The principle of the study is based on the single application of approximately 0.2g or 0.2ml of test product on the intact skin of the back or arm of adult subjects. The product is kept in contact with the skin for 48 hours under an occlusive/a semi-occlusive patch.

Products are tested pure or diluted depending on the product type and intended use. Leave-on products are applied undiluted, while rinse-off products are diluted at 1%, 5% or 10%, depending on the type of product. Test products that contain high levels of, or ingredients that require dilution in, volatile solvents that are to be applied using occlusive patches may need to be left to evaporate for a couple of minutes before application to the skin.

Hydrophilic products are diluted in demineralized water while lipophilic products are diluted in mineral oil.

Powders are placed in the small area of the device for occlusive application, and a drop of demineralized water or mineral oil is added to facilitate homogeneous dispersion on the application surface and to ensure satisfactory contact with the skin.

Solid materials are reduced into small pieces that are suitable to be added to the test discs of the semi-occlusive/occlusive device.

Observation of the effects caused by the application of the test substance is performed 1 hour and 24 hours after the patch removal.


The timeline of the patch test is approximately one week.

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