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Start-up package

How can you become eligible for our special start-up package?


We know how difficult it is to be a start-up, an enthusiastic home formulator of cosmetic products about to start your entrepreneurial journey, or simply an individual passionate about making cosmetics as a hobby or a side business, always lacking time and especially funds to make your dreams come true. 

That’s why we’ve decided to give such companies or individuals a helping hand in becoming the next big thing in the world of cosmetics. We’ve put together THE BEST OFFER ON THE MARKET for challenge tests and stability and compatibility tests. We feel so confident in our offer, that if you find a better one, we’ll match it!

This package is available to:

  • All micro cosmetics manufacturers (home manufacturers), no matter how long they have been in business for
  • Any start-up company that hasn’t been operating for more than 1 year yet
  • Individuals or groups still in product developing stage that aren’t trading yet
  • Only available for European companies

How can you become eligible for our special start-up package?


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